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Episode 172

November 19, 2015

Compilation albums. I don’t review them, but I receive them. And I like them. As much as I enjoy settling in with a big, album-length dose of one artist, I also like the tasty variety pack that is the compilation. Great way to discover artists who’ve never sent work to me for review. This episode pulls entirely from compilation albums to create one delicious musical entree.

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Start      Fabio Anile, It’s Full of Stars, Lav44: NEXT
4.24       Sons of Magdalene, On His Brow, Wisdom, In His Hand, Strength, Only Light to Clear Away
9.57       KiloWatts, Transmogrifier, Emerging Organisms Vol 4
15.25     Library Tapes, The River Turned to Cobblestone, Odyssey of Rapture
18.39     Collothen, Faith, Second Statement*
23.01     Robert Rich, The Gate is Open, Ambient Music to Heal (An Album for Our Wounded Warriors)
32.02     Modulator ESP, Capricorn, Zodiac
46.51     Sleep Orchestra, Like Sails to the Wind, We Are Invisible Now
52.42     Xspance, The Last Sunrise, Ambient Zone 2
58.17     Birds of Passage, Bullrush in the Sun, Brave New World
1.04.32  Northcape, Mandala, Butterfly Effects
1.09.56  usr/sbin, COSSS, The Serene Files Vol 1
1.19.19  Nathan Youngblood & Soriah, Recuerdos de Luna, Possibilities of Circumstance

*This compilation may be out of circulation. The label, Xynthetic, went dormant for a bit but came back on Bandcamp. It does not look like they’ve yet re-upped Second Statement. I gave you the link anyway.

Episode 171

November 5, 2015

One of my favorite song titles of all time is Lopside’s closing track from 37, “Titling Instrumental Tracks Seems Ridiculous.” Sometimes I feel that way about writing yet another intro to a fine set of music. I will tell you that much of the second set came about in one of those evenings when I caught a groove—bit of an odd one, honestly—that I quite enjoyed. Hope you do, too.

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Start      Benjamin Finger, When Face Was Face Kopi, Amorosa Sensitiva
6.20       Eric Pietras, Theory of North, Beams
12.14     Summer Effect, Destiny, Nothing But Hope
17.29     Wes Willenbring, Voices from the Desert, Faces Without Names
22.55     Bob Holroyd, The Unseen Scars, Blueprint
26.09     Mestesis, Your Dream Is Your Destiny, Her Place On Earth
30.54     Palancar, Mimas, Shani
37.55     Fross, Arboles Nublados, La Floresta
48.43     3eezer, Citrus Peel, (Soundcloud)
53.18     Toss Power Traps, Ferry to the Arctic Circle, Earth Rot II: Music for Iceland
56.45     Cyberchump & Janzyk, Space Is The Case, Regrooved
1.05.54  M. Peck, Trading Wonder for Reason, Beneath Forever
1.12.55  Alio Die & Parallel Worlds, Sorinel, Circo Divino
1.21.01  Tom DePlonty, Letter and Word, Music for Michael Skrtic
1.26.46  James Johnson & Aperus, Ancestral Voices, Ecotone

Episode 170

October 22, 2015

After a couple instances of deviating from course, with this episode we get back into the cadence where we begin the show with new-ish music then go a’delving in all the good stuff in the library. This time around, even the less-new music turns up a pair of artists who’ve never been played here before!

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Start      Kammarheit, Lower Halls, The Nest
6.39       Ryan Huber, False Intuition, Aleksandr
12.42     Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz, 7th Circle – Violence (The Damnation of Lacopo Rusticucci), Divinia Commedia I – Nine Circles
20.17     Gianluca Piacenza, Mutations, Dream
29.34     Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell, For Dreaming, Vague Traces
43.44     3AM Tone, Purple Gloe, (Single)
47.40     Bob Ohrum & Mary Grace, Every Time I Close My Eyes, Elevated
55.24     Caught In The Wake Forever, This House Is Not the Same, False Haven
59.25     Venona Pers, Broken Compass, The Past Is A Foreign Country
1.03.09  Fescal, Winter Evening, Two Winter Poems
1.13.06  Aonua, Spirit of the Deep, Odyssey of Rapture (compilation)
1.17.20  Evan Bluetech, Another Bridge Burning, Call of the Wild
1.22.11  Brian Parnham, Enjoy the Ride, See None, Hear None, Speak None

Episode 169

October 8, 2015

Next time, the host promised, we’ll get back to the format where half the show is new music and the rest digs into the library. But once I got going with the new music on this one, well, I just couldn’t stop myself. Raise your hand if you’d like to complain about hearing all new music. No one? All righty, then, let’s get this thing underway.

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Start      TkaTKa, Reverse Parapsychology, Tomorrow Knows Another
8.00       The Dread, Otis Doesn’t Feel Himself Today, The Plastination of Otis T Fernbank
14.33     The Andrew Weathers Ensemble, They Said That One Day We’d Be Free, Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything You Want
19.33     Chronotope Project, Canticle for the Stars, Dawn Treader
26.37     Space Cruiser (excerpt), Ombient & Chuck van Zyl, Space Patrol
42.09     Roy Mattson, Invitations and Consolations, Mesmer
46.56     Sensitive Chaos, Voyager Surfs the Interstellar Seas, March of the Timeshifters
54.20     Erik Nilsson, On And Onward, Hearing Things
1.00.39  AeTopus, Neverwheel, When
1.05.15  Paul Ellis, She Walks in Beauty, Moth in Flames
1.11.16  Steve Brand, Love Never Dies, Second Spring
1.22.03  Infinite Calling, Centrifugal Spirals, Vidya

Episode 168

September 24, 2015

So much music, so little time. Because this podcast focuses on music that is sent to Hypnagogue for review, and because so much music is sent for review, appearances here tend to be fleeting. There are a lot of artists who’ve only appeared once on the show, and it’s not for lack of quality. So now and then I pop open my playlist spreadsheet, sort it by artist, look for those who’ve only been played here once, and give them another go-round. The flow is uninterrupted this time. See you in 90.

Download mp3.

Start      Ian Morris, I Like the Way We Whisper Even When No One Is Around, Parking Lot Manuscripts
4.36       John Davis, Palestrina, Ask the Dust
9.09      Anklebiter, Never Like This, Weight of a Pronoun
14.54     Mokhov, Soul Breeze, Future Hope
18.35     Silencio, Embarcadero, Flood
24.14     Bvdub, We Love Together (It’s Our World), Born in Tokyo
37.32     William John Grega, Breath of Being, Breath of Being
43.07     Entheogen, Singularity of Infinite Complexity, Singularity
51.16     Jim Graham, Steel Dawn, Connexion
55.19     John Luttrell, Ethereal Raga, The Dream Exchange
59.59     Specta Ciera, Forgotten Room, Underpass
1.03.35  Ben John Robertson, Fall, When We Were Close, It Was What Was in the Sky That Day
1.16.30  Collapsar, Into the Worm Hole, Beyond the Event Horizon
1.26.05  NC Thompson, Saying Goodnight, Another Quiet Winter

Episode 167

September 10, 2015

We start with a track that made me smile, and it just flows from there. By the time we reach the end, things will quiet down a bit.

Download mp3.

Start     Mythos, A Drama in the Air, Jules Verne Forever
7.31       Liminal Drifter, Verterons Ambo Flow Cut, Troubled Mystic
17.30     Jack Hertz, Ozone Rising, Nataraj
24.46     Mingo, Under Spiral Skies, The Blue Star
35.09     Colony, My Last Cup of Coffee on the Way to Basel, We Are Invisible Now (comp)
45.53     Patrick O’Hearn, Frontier Revisited, Transitions
50.41     Tim Story & HJ Roedelius, Serpentining, Inlandish
55.58     Beyond Absence, Altar Boy, Mood Report
58.30     Larry Kucharz, Love IA42, Unit IA42
1.03.09  Steve Kindler & Teja Bell, Windsurfer, Dolphin Smiles
1.07.24  As If, Hidden Realm, Faraway Trees Standing Still
1.15.25  John Sobocan, Wish, Features of Spheres
1.22.20  Peter James, The Last Day Before the First Day, Seven

Episode 166

August 27, 2015

A show that came together in two straight-through sessions of flow creation. Went pretty deep into the library for this one—had to convert some tracks that I hadn’t played before but have held onto for a while. PLUS, this episode contains the show’s 2000th track! You’ll find out which at the end! And to my friends at Spotted Peccary, who get the benefit of my putting three tracks from their releases in here because I don’t pay attention to labels when I’m deep in the mix…you’re welcome.

Download mp3.

Start     Windshifter, Dronsanthemum, April Showers
11.03     Richard Neale, Ax, Deep Blue Pt 1
13.57     Sermones Ad Mortuos, Absent, Yet Still Here, The Ghostlands Themes
17.48     Kristoffer Oustad, Row Me Over, Filth Haven
26.25     Frore & Shane Morris, Ritual Sequence, Blood Moon
36.05     Time Being, Farther Worlds, A Place to Belong
49.06     Christopher Alvarado, Jewel of the Jackal, Ancient Doors
53.46     AOMusic, Ena Na Lena, ...And Love Rages On
59.05     Madly in Dub, Snake Charmer, Madly in Dub
1.04.13  The Man From Impossible, Shaft in Space, The Man from Impossible
1.08.22  Earthrise, Steven Halpern, Chakra Suite
1.11.28  Craig Padilla, Sense of Wonder, The Heart of the Soul
1.19.07  Erik Wollo, Thule, Gateway
1.27.24  Jeff Grienke, Deep Inside, Winter Light


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