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Episode 166

August 27, 2015

A show that came together in two straight-through sessions of flow creation. Went pretty deep into the library for this one—had to convert some tracks that I hadn’t played before but have held onto for a while. PLUS, this episode contains the show’s 2000th track! You’ll find out which at the end! And to my friends at Spotted Peccary, who get the benefit of my putting three tracks from their releases in here because I don’t pay attention to labels when I’m deep in the mix…you’re welcome.

Download mp3.

Start     Windshifter, Dronsanthemum, April Showers
11.03     Richard Neale, Ax, Deep Blue Pt 1
13.57     Sermones Ad Mortuos, Absent, Yet Still Here, The Ghostlands Themes
17.48     Kristoffer Oustad, Row Me Over, Filth Haven
26.25     Frore & Shane Morris, Ritual Sequence, Blood Moon
36.05     Time Being, Farther Worlds, A Place to Belong
49.06     Christopher Alvarado, Jewel of the Jackal, Ancient Doors
53.46     AOMusic, Ena Na Lena, ...And Love Rages On
59.05     Madly in Dub, Snake Charmer, Madly in Dub
1.04.13  The Man From Impossible, Shaft in Space, The Man from Impossible
1.08.22  Earthrise, Steven Halpern, Chakra Suite
1.11.28  Craig Padilla, Sense of Wonder, The Heart of the Soul
1.19.07  Erik Wollo, Thule, Gateway
1.27.24  Jeff Grienke, Deep Inside, Winter Light

Episode 165

August 12, 2015

When I started this episode, it was going to be one where we stop in the middle, between the new and old sections, like we have been. But from the Chords of Orion track on, the show fell into a deep flow that I didn’t feel like interrupting. So away we go. Sorry about the throat clearing in the outro. Forgot to edit.

Download mp3.

Start       Haiku Salut, The No-Colour Of Rain And Dust, Etch and Etch Deep
4.46       Intersonic Subformation, Constellation of the Spear Warrior, Into the Void
9.53       Geary, The Silent Watcher, The Silent Watcher, The Mountain Is Woe
15.46     Dave Preston, Cast Away, In These Storms
21.01     Todd Tobias, Marayoor, Tristes Tropique
26.50     Chords of Orion, In Heaven, It Is Always Autumn, Souls
33.02     Cousin Silas, Dronescape 26 (excerpt)
44.12     Chris Russell, Ardor Reprise, Blur
50.33     Jeff Pearce, The Same Stars, With Evening Above
55.40     Ships on Fire, Slow Descent, The Sleeper Must Awaken
1.04.30   Ken Elkinson, Resolution, Music for Commuting Vol 11
1.08.06   John Lyell, Above the Stratos, Reflection of Time
1.17.17   Arcticology, Dust, Athena
1.22.03   Max Corbacho, Earthflow Trance, Lost Links

Episode 164

July 29, 2015

Gotta love it when a good flow comes together. Or two good flows, for that matter. These two sets, so rudely interrupted by the talky guy in the middle, both find their own distinct groove. At the end, we close with a track from a legend who recently left us.

Download mp3.

Start      Dead Melodies, Sycamore Rain, Slowwave Perception
6.35       Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel, Vleugels, Music for Viola & Electronics II
14.49     Cravagoide, Vmap, Empty Frame
20.00    East Forest, Carry Water, Orbits
23.24     Peter Kater, Two of Us, Love
29.32     Melinda Ligeti, How Could I Ask For More?, Belonging
34.31     Joe Frawley, Wednesday (Memory Forms), A Week of Fevers
38.23     Off Land, (Turnstone), (Drone Variations) Vol 1
48.37     Nattefrost, Near UFO, E-Music Live 2010
56.57     Astral Projection, Searching for UFOs, Another World
1.06.58  Bob Holroyd, Crusts of Dust (remix), re:Ambient
1.16.11  General Fuzz, Mincing Wor, Oughta See
1.22.23  Spoke of Shadows, Pain Map, Spoke of Shadows
1.29.53  Deiter Moebius, Meltaway, Blotch




July 16, 2015

The playlist is short because the songs are long. But we end up spending a little extra time together.

Download mp3.

Start     Mike Dickson, The Hammer Looks Back, Six Consequences
17.52     The Ministry of Inside Things, Neutron Flux, Everlasting Moment*
36.38     Numina, Angelic Relic, Sound Symbols
54.29     Giles Reaves, The Unknowable, Wunjo
1.13.15   Mathias Grassow, Bloodmoon, Bloodmoon
1.31.38   Juta Takahashi, Monochrome Sorrow, Quiet Rain

*Not Ambient Elsewhere as noted in the voiceover. Silly host.

Episode 162

July 2, 2015

As you’ll hear, sometimes the music tells you exactly where to take a break on these shows. The first set is short, but it’s good and deep, and the long second set is even more so.

Download mp3.

Start      Steve Roach, Symmetry and Balance, Skeleton Keys
10.22     Onewayness & Modulator ESP, Bridge_3, Astral Bridges
26.17     Stratosphere, Accepting the Aftermath, Aftermath
34.36     Chad Kettering, The Infinity Mirror, Pathways
41.53     Vox Populi, Doumai v3, Mystic Entertainment
44.00     Suck Susan, Fantastic Damage, No Head in the Helmet
47.49     Regolith, A Thousand Crashing Cars, And…
49.16     Sky Burial, Beyond the Veldt, There I Saw the Grey Wolf Gaping
54.24     Yen Pox, In Silent Fields, Between the Horizon and the Abyss
1.03.13  Eric Dahlman, The Alouette, Ripped Echo
1.09.25  Circular, Retreat from Reality, Radiating Perpetual Light
1.13.54  Deep Chill Network, Dream Companion (excerpt)
1.24.16  Amalaise, Piscine, The Twinning Pools

Episode 161

June 17, 2015

Seems I must have been in a fairly quiet mood as I brought this episode together. Long drifting passages in here, with just enough (slightly/comparatively) uptempo moments to keep you from dozing off completely. (I’ll nudge you halfway through with some talky bits, then let you get back to listening.)

Download mp3.

Start      The Ambiguity, Still, Returning to Another Time
3.36       Sean Washburn, Hemlock Grotto, Wave Mantra
8.43       Robert Otto, Peace, Lux Aeterna
14.51     Altus, What You Leave Behind, The Time Collection
29.23     Max Corbacho, Shaping the Endless, Splendid Labyrinths
47.01     Oceur, Reconstruction, Light As A Feather
50.28     Stick Men, Glass Heart, Open
57.42     Alpha Wave Movement, Movement IV, Architexture of Silence
1.07.53  Robert Rich, Scintilla, Filaments
1.11.24  Jeffrey Koepper, Ilulissat, Arctisonia
1.21.23  Vic Hennigan, Paper Rain Drops, Ambient Music to Heal (An Album for Our Wounded Warriors)

Episode 160

June 2, 2015

Come on, let’s celebrate turning six. Or seven, or whatever. (Remember? Not good with the birthday math.) The stage is set, the acts are lined up and ready to perform!

Download mp3.

Start     Sensitive Chaos, Psychic Twins of Gemini, Seeker After Patterns
5.44      Tim Story, Monkey Builderizer, Buzzle
9.35      Collective Acoustics, Tora Tora, BC>AD
15.19     The Smokering, Comfort Zone, Mellow Majestic
19.13     Jason Sloan, Ash and Snow, Fall of the Fifth Sun
28.11     Lopside, You’re, When You’re Finally Through Being Responsible
37.07     a.r.s.(e), Ruminator, Errata
43.00    Michelle Cross & Joe Frawley, My Favorite Things, Dolls Come to Life
47.11      Spacecraft, De Profundis, The Gatherings Vol 2
57.27     Phillip Wilkerson, The Heart Has Reasons, The Way Home
1.04.41  Apne Sinn, Seven Times, Seven Ways, Worlds Apart
1.11.46  Steve Roach, Elemental, Early Man Decomposed
1.23.10  Darshan Ambient, A Deeper Blue, A Day Within Days


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