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Episode 157

April 22, 2015

From heavy electronics to the clean sound of solo piano, from the rich resonance of voice to the smooth tone of the Chapman stick, on this episode we’re going a little bit of everywhere.

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Start       Hollan Holmes, Letting Go, Incandescent
7.31       Imi Fal, The Lightest Touch, The Lightest Touch
13.01     The Lonely Bell, Frozen In Memory, The Lonely Bell
22.48     Phobos, Sector Four (excerpt,) Sector Four
34.45     Marsen Jules, Katiyana, The Empire of Silence
43.37     Fiona Joy, Fair Not, Signature – Solo
47.33     Steve Roach, The View from Here, Sigh of Ages
57.50     Ben Cox, Gannet, On Water
1.07.48  Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, Gradriel, Resonating Earth
1.17.08  Jim Cole & Spectral Voices, Hear Earth, Innertones
1.26.53  Jeff Pearce, A Secret to Hide, Rainshadow Sky

Episode 156

April 9, 2015

We’ll escape to place where lillies bloom and Elvis sightings are common through brilliant clouds thanks to the surface gravity. But it’s no mystery that our someday will come and we’ll be lifted out of victimization, climbing from our holes and waving our tendrils smartly. Okay, enough of me trying to be clever. On to the music.

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Start      Sequential Dreams, Escape Velocity, L3G4CY
13.44     Intersonic Subformation, Lillies (Yellow – Timebent), Apocalyptic Flowershop
19.38     Al Gromer Khan, Elvis Went to Durgapur, Lalita
25.00     Numina & Zero Ohms, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
34.06     Another Neglected Hobby, Part 1 (excerpt), Surface Gravity
48.11     Jeff Oster, The Mystery of B, Next
53.23     Darshan Ambient, When Will My Someday Come, Dream in Blue
57.34     David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Lifted, The Crossing
1.04.00  Aron Kirk, Victimisation, Brick Circus
1.09.08  Dwight Ashley, Holes Within Holes, Four
1.16.09  Allele Memetic, Tendril, Tendril
1.21.58  Known Rebel, Smart, Hollow

Episode 155

March 25, 2015

On the menu this time: 45 minutes or so of delectable items from the review queue (okay, some of them have some fairly exotic flavors) followed by a batch of perfectly aged cuts. And that will be quite enough of me belaboring a metaphor, even if it does match my terribly clever opening bit.

Download mp3.

Start      Erik Wøllo, Revealed in Time, Blue Radiance
7.28       Second Culture, Thunder Conjuring Mind, Thunder Conjuring Mind
10.53     Jonathan Badger, Nimbus, Verse
15.21     Hodson, Pink & Blue, Colours That Glow in the Dark
20.08     Rest You Sleeping Giant, The Spring Thaw, Peppermint Tea
28.50     Chris Russell, Tranquility, Still
36.00     Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà, Akvil, Holographic Codex
49.13     Radium 88, Still Separated by Oceans, Escaping Tomorrow
53.43     Rena Jones w Sophie Barker, Wishes, Echoes
57.52     Life Audience, Where You Are, Waves & Particles
1.06.34  East Forest, Udana, Prana
1.14.10  Steven Halpern, Harmonic Convergence, Chakra Suite
1.19.06  Darshan Ambient, The Immense Window, Falling Light
1.26.02  DubJay, J4STG1, AMFM


Episode 154

March 11, 2015

Like the snow in New England (well, until recently), the fresh submissions just keep coming here at Hypnagogue HQ, so let’s dive into them again. Or toboggan down them. Or something.

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Start      Jack Hertz & rizorkestra, Low Tide, Coast
9.08       Johan Agebjorn, Will They Forgive Us/Alpha Beta Gamma, Notes
17.40     Madoka, Calmness, Take A Walk
21.28     Scyye, In A Circle, From
25.35     Ken Elkinson, An Opening, Music for Commuting Vol 11
29.25     Alio Die & Parallel Worlds, Fragile Imagery, Elusive Metaphor
35.24     Steve Brand, Into the Current (exc), Into the Current
51.40     Kloob, Transcendiendo, Deep Emotional Phases
56.17     K, Two, Lumi
1.06.15  EugeneKha, Fog In The Wood Pt 1 (exc), Fog Music
1.21.28  Howard Givens & Craig Padilla, Shavasana, Life Flows Water

Episode 153

February 25, 2015

Now that the doors at Hypnagogue have reopened to new stuff, we’ll get back to dipping into the review queue. From the second track on, that’s what you’ve got here. The first track? Just something so good, I had to share. Hit play, relax, enjoy.

Download mp3.

Start      Aaron Static, Intrepid Journey, Redemption
7.46       Frore, Northern Winds, Cyclic Movement
19.21     Ilia Belorukov, I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us, Part I, I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us
26.17     Spiricom, Identify the Moved Objects, Songs for a Summer Seance
32.23     IX, Breaking Faith, System VII
38.30     Forrest Fang, Burnt Offerings, Letters to the Farthest Star
49.47     loscil, Luna, For Greta
56.36     Darren Rogers, Floating, Floating White Abyss
1.06.35  Joe Frawley, The Forest, Satyrinae
1.12.25  Bruno Sanfilippo, Tea Leaves at the Bottom of a Cup, Inside Life
1.19.16  Roy Mattson, Tributary, Endless River

Episode 152

February 11, 2015

Meanwhile, away in the northeast US of A, your pal the Hypnagogue is about snowbound in one of the heaviest winters in memory. The only thing keeping the inner peace? Music like this. Dig in, and don’t mind me sermonizing a little bit halfway through.

Download mp3.

Start      Robert Rich, Entangled, Filaments
10.59     Azuma, The Temple Landscape, The Wanderer
14.06     Phillip Wilkerson, They Came And Were Gone, Wondrous Encounters
20.20     Palancar, Psalm, Counting Raindrops
29.35     Bob Holroyd, 27 Words, Afterglow
33.47     S1gns of Life, Cell Theory, Language of the Ancients
40.05     The Current, Sunday Sunburn, Communion
50.13     Max Corbacho, Choir Ecstasy, Ars Lucis
54.47     Justin Vanderberg, In Waking Moments, In Waking Moments
1.00.43  Amir Baghiri, Moonloop, Dreamresources
1.13.21  Apne Sinn, Auspice, Worlds Apart
1.23.29  Shane Morris, March Wind Moon, The Full Moon Series

Episode 151

January 28, 2015

We’ve got a lot of music to get through this time, so let’s get started. This one’s all over the place. You’ll groove, you’ll drift, you’ll get all pensive, you’ll thank me later.

Download mp3.

Start     Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf & Rob Thomas, Primal Analog, Monuments of Ecstasy
9.35       Michel Banabila, The Holy Mountain, Precious Images/Datafiles 1999-2008
14.18     Christoph Berg, Coda, Day Has Ended
18.09     Martyrs of Sound, Song of the Beloved, Radhe’s Dream
22.25     Perry Frank, Music for the Afternoon, Music to Disappear
27.05     Rhizomorph, Dawanese, Xenofilika
31.57     Dr. Didg, Brand New Shoes, Serotonality
37.12     AETopus, Smiling in the Park, Between Empires
41.10     Michael Lovisa, Upstairs, in the Basement, Empty
45.16     Slow Dancing Society, At the End of the Bar, The Dusk Recitals
50.57     C.Db.Sn, As If December Never Happened, …At the End of It All
55.10     Altus, Onaip III, Macro
56.44     Michelle Ippolito, Quiet Repose, Drifting in Dreams
1.01.19  Ephemeral Mists, Moon Ritual, Transcendental Visions
1.10.03  Giles Reaves, Great Mystery, Sacred Space*
1.18.07  Cousin Silas, 30 Years, The Snow Imposed Silence
1.23.30  Paul Ellis, The Infinite Minute By Minute, From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness

*I love Giles’ music, and I love sharing it with you. I just can’t tell you where to find it these days, other than through reseller sites.


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