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Episode 184

May 5, 2016

A fresh round of downloads helped inform the first half of this episode. That sneaky jazz influence grabbed hold of the second half, but quieter tones managed to win out in the end.

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Start     Mathew Roth, An Outline of Rain, Written & Unsent
6.07      nnord, The Flesh of the Soul, Animal(i)
13.12     Leaving Richmond, The Electronic Afterlife, The Antique Heart
18.38     Purl & Sinius, Cascade, Oceans of Sound
28.11     Super Fata, Membrane, Percipient
36.45     Steve Roach & Robert Logan, Moment’s Notice, Second Nature
50.45     Collective Acoustics, Stuff I Bought on eBay, Edges
55.11      Sparky Quano, Round 1, Jenga
1.00.09 earWorm, A Gentle Goodnight, earWorm
1.03.04  Joe De Vita, Movement #2 (In Perfect Silence / Man v Nature), Evolution*
1.11.27  Perry Frank, Landscape of a Twilight Lamp, Music to Disappear
1.15.56   Steven Halpern, Chakra Angels, Chakra Suite
1.19.04  Within Reason, Nimbus, Subtle Shift

*At the end of the show, you will hear me claim that this is the first time I have played a track from Evolution. This is not correct. In fact, I played this exact track about 90 episodes ago. So much for memory.

Episode 183

April 21, 2016

Five fairly quiet tracks kick off this flow. Later, we’ll get a little more active. Not much, but…some.

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Start     Manitou, Sunrise on the Wyoming Terminal, Landscape, Histories and Sentiments
9.07       Boris Lelong Moss, Roots, Fern, The Green Planet, Act One
16.56     Salvatore Passaro, Dream, Overwhelming
20.41     Harmonic Resonance, Harmonic Currents (excerpt), Harmonic Currents
34.49     Manuele Frau, Dawn, Sky Blue Ice Dawn
45.56     Synth.NL, Carcharodon, OceanOgraphy
52.18     Northcape, Approaching the Trig Point, Captured from Static
57.28     Ann Licater, Ancient Code, Doorway to a Dream
1.00.44  Deborah Martin, One Sun, Deep Roots, Dark Water
1.04.54  David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, Almost Never, Found
1.10.13  Timothy Wenzel, Mountain Rain, A Coalesence of Dreams
1.14.44  Lawrence Blatt, Walking Through Tulips, Emergence
1.17.56  Timethorns, Computerchemist, Icon One

Episode 182

April 7, 2016


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Start      Steve Roach, A Subtle Body Current, Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces — Recent Future
5.24       Steve Brand, Near Silence, Orchid (compilation)
19.44     Brannan Lane & Zero Ohms, Soundfall, Soundfall to the Infinite
32.41     Jeff Pearce, After Dark, With Evening Above
40.12     Radiant Mind, Inner Dimension, Sense
48.14     Chad Hoefler, Bending Chromatic Light, Quiet Glow
57.39     Meg Bowles, Into the Gloaming, The Shimmering Land
1.06.28  Silvercord, Movement 1: Within My Heart’s Slumbering Soul, Symphony of Sighs
1.18.00  Michael Reiley McDermott, Part 4 (excerpt), Music from Ephemeral

Episode 181

March 24, 2016

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy sharing this great music with you? Well, I do, and this flow is no exception. Front half finds its way into some shadowy spots; back end gets its groove on for a while. Enjoy.

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Start     The Great Schizm, Fallen Cities of Stone, For the Ancient Ones
11.03     Kave Wind, Apathia, Ominousium
16.36     CommonSen5se & Mario Gronnert, Sky Full of Crows, Nightmares And Dreamscapes: Silhouettes Of Urbia
23.08     Tom Eaton, Saturday/Long Lonely Night, Abendromen
30.39     Orchestra Solitaire, Icelight, In A Land of One Color
34.57     John Gregorius, Fall Into the Open, Still Voice
41.14     Hidden Rivers, September Sun Memory, Where the Moss Grows
49.12     Aaron Static, Protection, Redemption
53.48     Signal Hill, The Pacific Northeast, Chase the Ghost
1.00.19  Jeff Oster, Avenue D, Next
1.04.39  Anawaty/Russell, If I Only Could, Analog Universe
1.08.45  Wacky Southern Current, Inland vs. Coastal, Argonautica
1.12.58  Fiona Joy, Into the Mist, Signature – Solo
1.17.49  Bruno Sanfilippo, Piano Textures 2 IV, Piano Textures 2

Episode 180

March 9, 2016

Settle in, this one’s a non-stop ride. Six tracks from the review list make up the first half; the second half is just three tracks long, but very, very deep.

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Start      Craig Padilla, Stonington Moon, Heaven Condensed
9.45       SiJ, A Night Like This Will Never Come Again in Your Life, Way to Dream
14.43     Understated Theory, Mirrors, Juxtapparition
20.42     Sonar, Angular Momentum, Black Light
30.02     Chords of Orion, The Memory of What Has Been, Atmosphere
36.28     Off Land, Photosphere, Afterglow
46.57     Steve Roach, Track 6, Journey of One, Disc 2
1.01.59  Penjaga Insaf, Alam Semsta, Sama Sadja
1.07.30  Onewayness & dRachEmUsiK, In Peace, The Sound of Thunder

Episode 179

February 25, 2016

Have you set aside 90 minutes for this? Because there’s a lot to listen to, and lots of places to go.

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Start      Altus, Wander, Komorebi
9.06       Cinchel, A Light Crack in the Wall (excerpt), Worry
18.57     Christopher Alvarado, The Inferno Cliffs, Drifting Through Kingdoms
27.13     Chance’s End, Almost, Home Almost Home
32.11     Samurau, Freezing Frog/Strange Blues, Things Left Unsaid
40.36    Sundaug, Chasing Angels, Nocturnality
47.19     Jon Durant & Colin Edwin, Semazen, Burnt Belief
51.38     Synthesist, BangDi Dreams, Dream Slate
54.53     Monochromie, A Cold Sunset, Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep
1.00.18  Ken Elkinson, I Thought It Was Water, Music for Commuting Vol 9
1.03.46  Andrew Weathers Ensemble, There’s Trouble Until the Robins Come, Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything
1.08.47  Igneous Flame, Anca, Oxana
1.17.41  Robert Rich, Telomere, Filaments
1.26.55  Slow Dancing Society, Tomorrow’s Another Day, Laterna Magica

Episode 178

February 11, 2016

Take in 40 minutes of fresh music, then give me a couple minutes to chat, and then we’ll start off again in a slightly odd direction. There’s plenty to hear here.

Download mp3

Start      Massergy, Phenakistoscope, A Novel Sense of Calm
6.06       Eliethel, November Landscapes, November Landscapes
9.18       Closer, Leak, Monsoon
12.30     Cousin Silas, Guitar 28 – Raining Again, Through A Cobweb Strange*
19.40     Alessio Premoli, An Ocean Under the Ocean, Even Silence Has Gone
22.34     Warren Daly, Geostationary, The Stones Are Awake
29.28     Steve Brand, The Long Way Home, Songs from Unknown Territory
42.40     Table, Upstate Rust, Siren
46.39     Suck Susan, Drekk Fader, No Head in the Helmet
48.37     Mark Bruland, Marking Time, Beeing Human
52.56     Runningonair, Zen Lunch, UnSelected Works 94-97
58.01     Dub Jay, Fourth Floor Home, AMFM.15
1.01.01  Maculatum, Part IV, The Nameless City
1.15.51  Jim Graham, Messenger, Connexion
1.21.32  Ebauche, Warmth, Adrift

*”Strange,” not “Strangely” as your host claimed during the show.


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