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Episode 177

January 28, 2016

Gads, I’ve been locked out of my studio and the curator of the Hypnagogue sound library has taken over the show!

Well, enjoy anyway.

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Start    SE, Stadium, L36
6.00     Aaron Marshall, The Goldilocks Zone, Magnificent Accident
11.53     Atomic Skunk, Nautilus, Portal
19.23    Neuron Dreamtime, Sacral Extortion, I Am My Own Mushroom
24.52   Terra Ambient, Westerly Prayer, The Gate
30.18    Remanence, The Left Hand Path, Lamkhyer
35.40   The Post Riot Era, Meeting You Again in the Future, Quiet Exit
42.00   Off Land, Murre, Osculation
49.13   Max Corbacho, Toward the Center, Splendid Labyrinths
1.01.14  Giles Reaves, The First Breath, The Deep End
1.12.10   dreamSTATE, Premillenial Landscape #2, A Decade Dreaming
1.16.47  Dreamhub, Terra, Moments in Space
1.25.22  Ran Kirlian, Dissolution, Dissolution

Episode 176

January 14, 2016

We start with a song I love because it is both funky and silly. From there we touch on jazz, post-rock, ambient, space…and that’s just in the first half.

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Start      moduS ponY, Shoes, Shirt, Service, Dandelion Isle
3.59       Twilight Archive, Midnight Memento, Mood Chain
10.26     Julien Demoulin, Fading Mind, Loose Ends
15.09     Roy Mattson, Unfurling, Orchid (compilation)
27.12     Mirror of Dreams, Feldspar, Amaranthine
35.09     Leila Abdul-Rauf, Absence, Insomnia
39.31     Common Ground, Edge of Tranquility, Common Ground
48.26     Mythos, Tokyo, Journey
53.36     Ricky Kej, Black and White, Shanti Orchestra
58.41     Northcore, Looking Glass, Desatero
1.02.53  Meg Bowles, The Sweetness of Mist, The Shimmering Land
1.11.41  Freq.Magnet, Derriere des il Bleu, Nicked
1.18.27  Jonathan Badger, Erbarmen, Verse
1.24.46  Joe Evans, Affected Piano 4, Affected Piano

Episode 175

January 1, 2016

How shall we start the new year? How about with some music? Figured that might be a good idea. This is an uninterrupted flow, but has both the new stuff and the library jams. Enjoy, and welcome to 2016!

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Start     Carey Moore, John Donelson’s Ghost, John Donelson’s Ghost
6.18       Robert Scott Thompson, Lunar Idyll, Pale Blue Dot
16.50     Colin Rayment, Monterosa In The Clouds, Abstract Dimensions
24.14     Andrew Odd, Crossing the Sea of Stars, Discoveries
31.36     Forrest Fang, Not Forgotten, The Sleepwalker’s Ocean
42.27     As If, Strand, Havet
48.01     Phillip Wilkerson, Sunlit Drift, Sojourner
53.03     Slow Dancing Society, Sun Spots, Priest Lake Circa ’88
1.03.00  Bryan Carrigan, The Drive Home, Passing Lights
1.07.17  Wharmton Rise, Indian Ocean, Deep Water
1.11.51  Azuma, Armor, Azuma (out of print)
1.16.08  Resonant Drift, Aurora Breaking, Full Circle
1.21.18  Chad Hoefler, Crimson Lost, Twilight in the Offing

Episode 174

December 17, 2015

This year’s look back at reviewed albums clocks in at two hours. I received so much amazing music in 2015 (and late 2014, honestly) that there was no way this was going to come in at our regular 90 minutes. Enjoy, and thank you so very much for being a listener.

Download mp3.

Start      Jeff Oster, Half A Cookie, Next
5.03       Borghi Teager, Watch Over, Shades of Bending Light
12.50     Bob Holroyd, Sometimes, Blueprint
17.09     Dave Preston, The Circle Around the Sphere, In These Storms
20.52     Chad Kettering, Vanished Dreams, Pathways
25.44     Forrest Fang, The Unreachable Lands – iv: Herimtage, Letters to the Farthest Star
31.33     Gianluca Piacenza, This Is Real, Dream
37.08     Bruno Sanfilippo, A Door Opens Forever, Inside Life
43.50     Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana, Eternal Wisdom, Holographic Codex
49.55     Altus, Absolve the Past, The Time Collection
1.05.42  Steve Roach, HereAfter, The Delicate Forever
1.14.44  Mingo, Omega Point, The Blue Star
1.23.52  Cousin Silas & Jack Hertz, S-P-A-C-E (excerpt), Time Spinners
1.33.52  dRachEmUsiK & Onewayness, Compassion, Immeasurable
1.42.51  Zero Ohms & Numina, Night of the Falling Planets, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
1.51.21  Cravagoide, Try, Empty Frame

Episode 173

December 3, 2015

While the first half of this episode dwells mostly in well-lighted places, the second half will dip into darker venues. You can handle that, right?

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Start      Peter Calandra, The Dream, First Light
3.32       Joe Frawley, The Night Parade, The Night Parade
7.37       Medard Fischer, A Light That Doesn’t Go Out, Four Songs for New York
14.21     21st Century Bard, 125.36±0.41GeV, 21st Century Bard
19.00     Amy Faithe, Peace Be With Me, The Ascent
29.09     Jeffrey Koepper, Pantheon, Konnections
37.47     Jack Hertz & Mystified, Nepcetaq, Inuksuk
48.03     Jeff Pearce, Harvest Storms, Rainshadow Sky
54.35     Lucette Bourdin, The Gardener of the World, Golden Sun
1.02.52  Triangular Ascension, End of Time, The Chronos Anomaly
1.06.40  Jim Graham, Fire and Water, Connexion
1.11.21  Dense Vision Shrine, The Guardians Of Staglieno, Time Lost in Oblivion
1.21.25  Numina, Translunary Return, The Deception of Reality

Episode 172

November 19, 2015

Compilation albums. I don’t review them, but I receive them. And I like them. As much as I enjoy settling in with a big, album-length dose of one artist, I also like the tasty variety pack that is the compilation. Great way to discover artists who’ve never sent work to me for review. This episode pulls entirely from compilation albums to create one delicious musical entree.

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Start      Fabio Anile, It’s Full of Stars, Lav44: NEXT
4.24       Sons of Magdalene, On His Brow, Wisdom, In His Hand, Strength, Only Light to Clear Away
9.57       KiloWatts, Transmogrifier, Emerging Organisms Vol 4
15.25     Library Tapes, The River Turned to Cobblestone, Odyssey of Rapture
18.39     Collothen, Faith, Second Statement*
23.01     Robert Rich, The Gate is Open, Ambient Music to Heal (An Album for Our Wounded Warriors)
32.02     Modulator ESP, Capricorn, Zodiac
46.51     Sleep Orchestra, Like Sails to the Wind, We Are Invisible Now
52.42     Xspance, The Last Sunrise, Ambient Zone 2
58.17     Birds of Passage, Bullrush in the Sun, Brave New World
1.04.32  Northcape, Mandala, Butterfly Effects
1.09.56  usr/sbin, COSSS, The Serene Files Vol 1
1.19.19  Nathan Youngblood & Soriah, Recuerdos de Luna, Possibilities of Circumstance

*This compilation may be out of circulation. The label, Xynthetic, went dormant for a bit but came back on Bandcamp. It does not look like they’ve yet re-upped Second Statement. I gave you the link anyway.

Episode 171

November 5, 2015

One of my favorite song titles of all time is Lopside’s closing track from 37, “Titling Instrumental Tracks Seems Ridiculous.” Sometimes I feel that way about writing yet another intro to a fine set of music. I will tell you that much of the second set came about in one of those evenings when I caught a groove—bit of an odd one, honestly—that I quite enjoyed. Hope you do, too.

Download mp3

Start      Benjamin Finger, When Face Was Face Kopi, Amorosa Sensitiva
6.20       Eric Pietras, Theory of North, Beams
12.14     Summer Effect, Destiny, Nothing But Hope
17.29     Wes Willenbring, Voices from the Desert, Faces Without Names
22.55     Bob Holroyd, The Unseen Scars, Blueprint
26.09     Mestesis, Your Dream Is Your Destiny, Her Place On Earth
30.54     Palancar, Mimas, Shani
37.55     Fross, Arboles Nublados, La Floresta
48.43     3eezer, Citrus Peel, (Soundcloud)
53.18     Toss Power Traps, Ferry to the Arctic Circle, Earth Rot II: Music for Iceland
56.45     Cyberchump & Janzyk, Space Is The Case, Regrooved
1.05.54  M. Peck, Trading Wonder for Reason, Beneath Forever
1.12.55  Alio Die & Parallel Worlds, Sorinel, Circo Divino
1.21.01  Tom DePlonty, Letter and Word, Music for Michael Skrtic
1.26.46  James Johnson & Aperus, Ancestral Voices, Ecotone


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