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Episode 131

April 18, 2014

Your excursion begins with some new music–three pieces that came together in a shuffle, to be honest, and I liked the way they sounded. From there, we head deep into the Hypnagogue library to keep the flow going. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Banco de Gaia, “All Sleeping,” Apollo
9.35       False Haven, “All That I Try to Console,” Caught in the Wake Forever
12.11     Eyesix, “All the Clouds,” Limerence
16.04     Praguedren, “Vapor,” Contrails
19.40     Ghost, “Soft Sands,” Departure
25.15     Ruxpin, “We Flap Our Wings (But Never Leave the Ground),” This Time We Go Together
29.41     Jeff Greinke, “Before the Storm.” Virga
34.33     Deborah Martin, “Crossing Plateau,” Deep Roots, Hidden Water
40.14     Chad Kettering, “Radiance,” Voices of the Ancients
47.43     Kyle Bobby Dunn, “The Nightjar,” A Young Person’s Guide To
58.44     Bob Holroyd, “In the Time We Have Left,” Afterglow
1.02.59  Within Reason, “Grey Area,” Subtle Shift
1.13.52  Dan Pound, “Finding Beauty,” Eros Thanatos
1.22.40  Phillip Wilkerson, “Two Breaths of Forever,” Highlands


Episode 130

April 4, 2014

Having recently reviewed the very good album Sleeping With the Window Open by Another Neglected Hobby, I decided it would make a great stepping-off point for this latest excursion into the review queue. From there it just made sense to keep things quiet for a bit. This ride goes through some dark spaces, finds slivers of post- and prog-rock, and finishes in an easy acoustic space. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Another Neglected Hobby, “Starfield,” Sleeping with the Window Open
7.19       Michael Meara, “Gamma Arietis,” Nocturnal Panorama
17.46     Marsen Jules, “Beautyfear VIII,” Beautyfear
24.50     Forrest Smithson, “Dreaming Time III,” Dreaming Time
39.59     World of Metal and Rust, “Mental Labyrinth,” Detour to Nowhere
46.57     Parhelion & Zak Keiller, “Farthest North,” Farthest North
57.16     Everyday Dust, “Mantra,” Somnium
1.05.57 Spiricom, “Another Way to Another World,” Opening the Portal
1.11.13  Paulina Cassidy, “Fire In Our Eyes,” Sugar Wingshiver
1.16.19  Spoke of Shadows, “Tilting at Windmills,” Spoke of Shadows
1.22.15  Lawrence Blatt, “Entering the East Gate,” Emergence

Episode 129

March 20, 2014

Last time around, we kept things on the quiet side. Well, balance is everything, so this trip is all about the uptempo. Volume up, please, and enjoy the ride.

Download as mp3.

Djam Karet, “Lost Dreams,” Regenerator 3017
3.58        Sparky Quano, “Where Are You Going?,” Jenga
9.16        Cyberchump, “Every 1,” Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
13.08     AstralFish, “Cloud Gather,” Far Corners
17.06     Kodomo, “Three Cycles,” Frozen In Motion
23.00     Ars Phoenix, “0011001,” Hanging Fire
26.52     John Ellis, “Farud Gets Electricity,” Sly Guitar
33.32     Wacky Southern Current, “We Are Argonauts,” Argonautica
37.35     Signal Hill, “Collide Us,” Chase the Ghost
43.34     Pedrick Bitts Walker, “Seven,” Three
51.44     Anawaty Russell, “Analog Universe,” Analog Universe
56.13      Subsonic Winter, “New Haven,” Introducing
1.00.00  Hickey Mouse, “The Art of Words,” I Heard Something in the Distance Vol 2
1.03.07  Sensitive Chaos, “Tanzen Filter,” Emerging Transparency
1.14.48  CH District, “Conclusion,” Conclusion
1.20.35  Jeffrey Koepper, “Creation,” Sequentaria

Episode 128

March 6, 2014

Get comfy, friends. We’re going deep. A little dark, a lot atmospheric. Set aside the full 90 and immerse.

Download as mp3.

Michel Banabila, “Voiz Recycled,” Precious Images
8.32       Numina, “Scraping the Surface,” Subterranean Landscapes
20.17     Broken Harbour, “Between the Darkness and the Light,” The Geometry of Shadows
32.03     False Mirror, “Landfall,” Derelict World
40.57     Stephen Philips, “1969,” Antarctica 3
49.39     Forrest Fang/San Serif, “Tone in Alium,” Unbound
1.00.02 Tim Story & Dwight Ashley, “Dysnipsia,” Standing + Falling
1.20.4  Steve Roach & Kelly David, “The Deep Hours,” The Long Night

Episode 127

February 20, 2014

We return to the review queue in a ride that starts in a melodic New Age kind of space, then veers through quiet ambient zones. Kick back and enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Erik Wollo, “Blue Rondo,” Timelines
7.11 Timothy Wenzel, “The Night Train,” River Serene
11.53 Sonaljit, “Nodi Ontoheen,” Dreaming the Afterlife
17.13 Al Gromer Khan, “A Strange Kind of Peace,” Far Go
24.51 Alio Die & Sylvi Alli, “Across A Splendid Vista,” Amidst the Circling Spires
32.33 As If, “Autumn Wind,” Faraway Trees Standing Still
42.36 Cosmic Mind Warp, “Fading Into Ether,” Zero Beats Per Minute
56.53 Mark Tamea, “Niuafo’ou Sojourn,” Atomism
1.02.46 Caught in the Wake Forever, “I Know I’ve Suffered More Than Most,” False Haven
1.07.57 Indiana Drones, “Part 5,” Indiana Drones
1.22.23 Bubble, “Moon Beams Breaking the Leaves,” O*

*Said on the podcast that this is a track from John Sobocan, which it is–Bubble is one of John’s musical monikers. So I was reasonably correct.

Episode 126

February 6, 2014

Now and then the way one song transitions into another sets things in motion. Such was the case here. After that it’s just a matter of following inspiration, memory, and preference, just to see where it all takes you. A 30-minute set followed by an hour-long set.

Download as mp3.

Strafraenn Hakon, “Soft Fence,” Prammi
4.42 Aaron Martin, “Slow Wake,” Day Has Ended*
9.49 Slow Dancing Society, “I’ll Leave A Light On,” Laterna Magica
14.49 Collective Acoustics, “In Relation to Utica,” BC>AD
19.17 Joe De Vita, “Anti-Hero Theme Song,” The Anti-Hero
23.13 Stick Men, “Whale Watch,” Deep
36.29 The Ambient Visitor, Twelve (excerpt)
48.59 Onewayness, “Nothing is Hidden, Nothing is Revealed,” Blue Star Is Freezing
1.08.44 Jeff Greinke, “The Long Road Home,” Winter Light
1.16.31 Aaron Marshall, “Solace,” Magnificent Accident
1.19.51 Robert Carty, “Flora Light,” Ecoroots

*In the podcast, I refer to this as being a track from Aaron Martin and Christoph Berg, which is how it appears in iTunes, and how it’s conveyed, more or less, on the CD cover. At the time I was recording the first set, I wasn’t aware that Day Has Ended was not a collaboration, but a split release between Aaron and Christoph. This track is Aaron’s; it opens the disc.

Episode 125

January 23, 2014

This episode’s music comes from our old friend the review queue. I think you’ll like the blend.

Download as mp3.

Diamat, “Misunderstood, Pt I,” Being Is the Sum of Appearing
7.39       Fetal Pulse, “Alien Nebula,” Space
11.02     Transcend With Time, “Times of the Forgotten,” When Emotions Fade
17.26     Busy Beds, “My Ghost Is Your Ghost,” Seascape with Sharks and Dancer
22.55     Beyond Sensory Experience, “Sleepwaking,” Faint
39.24     Banco de Gaia, “Apollon,” Apollo
48.22     Mark Harris, “The Angry Child,” The Angry Child
53.52      Jim Graham, “Northwind,” Connexion
1.02.03  Nuclear Whale, “Wikus,” The Looming Machine
1.08.27  Robert Rich, “Callyx,” Possbilities of Cirumstance (comp)
1.14.08  Secret Pyramid, “Move Through Night,” Movements of Night
1.21.35  Parhelion & Zac Keiller, “Perfect Desolation,” Farthest North


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