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Episode 141

September 11, 2014

Just a blend of good music this time through, elements following elements, building into a pleasant flow. I find the last 45 minutes particularly deep. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Start      Brain Ballet, I.S.S., Aquarium of the Deep Sea
5.03       Lorne David Thompson, 1000 Miles from the Atmosphere, Quadra Station
9.54       Ex Confusion, On Your Side, With Love
12.33     Terra Ambient, The Ghost in Me, Wanderlust
18.29     Al Conti, Last Suitor, The Blue Rose
22.47     Michelle De Wilton, Memory of the Sun, Daydream
26.47     Boy Is Fiction, My Veins Are Blocked, Broadcasts in Colour
33.20     The Nebulae, The Path of White Clouds, The Path of White Clouds
43.44     Steve Brand & Roy Mattson, Just Above Treeline, Meltstream
56.12      dRachEmUsiK & Onewayness, Joy, Immeasurable
1.08.49  Suspended Memories, Places In Between, Earth Island
1.19.51  Seconds Before Awakening, Seven 1/2, Seven

Episode 140

August 28, 2014

As promised, this time around I went into the playlist spreadsheet and found a group of fine musicians who have only been played once on the show. And believe me, there are plenty more available for another show like this. In the meantime, enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Start      Mark Bruland, Tom Parker’s Wind Chimes, Beeing Human
5.17       Neil Gardner, The Photograph Hangs on the Wall, and I Miss You, We Are Infinite
9.40       Perry Frank, Another Place Another Time, Music to Disappear
17.22     Joost Egelie, Majorana, Particles
23.45     Freq.Magnet, Divebomb, Nicked
32.52     Jack Hertz, Magnetic Fields, 7.83 Hz
42.24     Talvihorros, Alpha, Descent into Delta
50.25     Frame, North Sea, Visions
56.56     Ocoeur, Astral Projection, Light as a Feather
1.02.35  Witxes, Somewhere, Sorcery/Geography
1.08.00  Stray Ghost, La Belle Semaine, Each Paradise Is A Lost Paradise
1.17.58  Michael Meara, Origination, Conception
1.26.23  Seamus O’Muineachain, Away With the Fairies, Conflicts at the Sermon

Episode 139

August 14, 2014

A two-part voyage for you this time out. We’ll start in somewhat experimental territory, eventually making our way into piano-based atmospheres. A short talky break and then we’re off again, borne on analog synth…to start.

Download as mp3.

Start       Dieter Moebius, Im Raum, Blotch
12.06     PAS Musique, You Are Who You Are, Abandoned Bird Egg
17.23     Toaster, Ophanim, Sariel
23.28     Berhard Weiss, Skin, re member
27.25     Mario Grönnert, The Plateau, From Land to Light
31.59     Joe Evans, Affected Piano IV, Affected Piano
39.00     Kim Halliday, Birdsongs in Mist, Birdsongs in Mist
46.24     Ministry of Inside Things, Icicle Falls, Ambient Elsewhere
57.41     Cyberchump, Space Cadet, Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
1.02.43  Caul, Veil of Sand, The Long Dust
1.12.10  Anklebiter, Golden Age of Terrible Photography, Weight of a Pronoun
1.18.51  Zero Ohms, Process of Being, Process of Being

Episode 138

July 31, 2014

Ever notice that there are differing levels of “quiet”? This fairly quiet podcast sets a pretty good example of the idea, I think….

Download as mp3.

Start:     Midnight Sound Service, Maximum Visibility, Midnight Sound Service
5.30       Colin Thomas, Pioneer Morning, Stones/Still
14.25     Another Neglected Hobby, Distant Call, Sleeping with the Window Open
20.10     There Is No Teenage Love, AMNH-973, There Is No Teenage Love
26.50     Radiant Mind, Reaching the Beyond, Sense
35.47     Mara’s Torment, Imagine Me, Across for Show…
46.35     Juta Takahaski, Higurashi, Transcendence
1.02.55  Gaston Arevalo, Estuario, Habitat
1.08.38  Crystal Dream,  At Peace (excerpt), Sedation
1.23.56  Jane’s Scenic Drive, Prayer for Joy, Beautiful Reminders

Episode 137

July 17, 2014

I usually put together podcasts over the course of several days–especially in summer, when my office/studio becomes oppressively hot. Now and then, however, the mood strikes to lay out a long stretch in one sitting, finding just the right pieces and hearing nice connections in the flow. For this episode, that was the case starting from the Peter DiPhillips track on. The lights were low, there was wine on hand, and the music took its own direction. Enjoy.

Download as mp3.

Start:     Steve Roach, The Well Spring, The Delicate Forever
13.42     Chris Russell, Scilla, Bloom
17.35     Hollan Holmes, Timespace, The Farthest Fringes
23.43     Peter DiPhillips, Fireflies, Mind Levels
36.07     David Downing, Cosmic Conspiracy, Cosmic Conspiracy
45.19      Herion, Oxg, Out & About
53.17      Mark Snyder, Harvey, Messy
1.00.23  Wes Willenbring, My Ghostly Fingers, Close, But Not Too Close
1.05.43  Joe Frawley, Descension Day, Speak of This to No One
1.08.03  Tim Story, Decelerate or Fasten, Buzzle
1.13.37  Jeff Pearce, A Secret for the Moon, In the Season of Fading Light
1.19.07  Josh Johnston, Missed Her On the Road, The Shape of Things
1.23.41   Bob Holroyd, Ambient Like Snow, Afterglow


Episode 136

June 25, 2014

I decided to do a “show-by-shuffle” and play whatever was coming out of the speakers whenever I came back into my office over the course of a couple of days. I made one or two executive decisions to skip a track here and there. Overall, though, you end up with 20 delicious tunes and plenty of variety. Dig in! No interruptions!

Download as mp3.

Start:     Tapage, Sine, Overgrown
3.21       Peter Kater, Sacral Chakra, Light Body
9.18       Stafraenn Hakon, Wait, Prammi
15.42     Life Audience, While the Sun Was Sleeping, Waves & Particles
22.46     Wharmton Rise, Avatar, Life Line
26.50     Darshan Ambient, After the Night, reKarma
32.09     Bryan Carrigan, Cricket Crossing, Focus
35.44     NeuHuman, How to Walk Through a Concrete Jungle, NeuHuman
40.43     AstralFish, Lil Utbird, Far Corners
45.37     Fetal Pulse, Zero Gravity Dance Party, Space
48.00     Patrick O’Hearn, Facing the Sun, Beautiful World
53.37     Integral, Samen, Rise
55.45     Parhelion & Zak Keiller, Smokey God, Farthest North
1.00.14  Sleeping Me, Empty Cradles, Cradlesongs
1.04.52  Igneous Flame, Lords of the Air, Orcus
1.09.50  Scyye, Prevent Forest Fires, Timegazing
1.11.38  ZoiD,  jwrong, Selected ZoiDWorks
1.17.42  Jeff Greinke, Across the Great Basin, Winter Light
1.22.34  Stuart Sweeney, Impressions of a Golden Age, 16:9
1.25.50 Beyond Absence, Vertigo of Perception, Heritage


Episode 135

June 11, 2014

Well, happy birthday to me! The podcast starts its sixth year in production with three sets of some hand-picked favorites. As always, pulling a dozen “favorites” out of a library of nearly 10,000 tracks isn’t easy. I hope you enjoy the ride, even if I am a bit overly talky in this one. (No interruptions next time, promise!)

Download as mp3.

Steve Rose, Somehow Different (Pt 1), The Diminishing Day
9.23       Lopside, Standing at the Mechanical Ocean, 37
16.22     Steve Roach & Robert Rich, Blood Music, Soma
24.05     Dave Preston, Be Alive, Be
34.08     Mingo, Translation of Lost Consciousness, The Light That Bends
40.38     Radium 88, The Irretrievable Loss of Perpetual Belonging, Escaping Tomorrow
45.35     Sensitive Chaos, Thoughts of Home in a Sandstorm, Seeker After Patterns
53.41     Jeffrey Koepper, Byzantine Machine, Momentium
1.02.00  Andrew Lahiff, Echoes of the Harmonic Canyons, Inner Worlds Returning
1.08.54  John Vorus, Cove, Transmuting Currents
1.15.44  Silvercord, Waking to Solace, I Smiled Because I Knew Death Is But A Door
1.21.44   Dan Pound, Polaris, Aurora

I got so soft-brained from the last set that when listing track names at the end I mistakenly kept saying “after” rather than “before.” But you’re smart enough to have figured out what I meant, right? And if not–hey, look! A playlist!

And here’s the complete version of “Hypny Birthdrone,” if you’re interested.


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